01/14/2019 by I-CAR
How do you consume information?  Are you someone who can open a book, read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, or do you juggle several books or articles at a time, revisiting each one as your time and interest dictates?
The reality is, how information is consumed varies from person to person, much like learning styles and preferences for accessing content.  From clicks to streams to old-school print, the content options, channels and methods are seemingly endless.
When it comes to consuming technical information, I-CAR’s Tech Center team of subject matter experts, researchers, instructional designers, training experts and OEM technical liaison staff and more, are always exploring ways to deliver the industry’s most relevant and accessible, on-demand training solutions for complete, safe and quality repairs.
I-CAR 360 Videos

Most recently, the specialized staff responsible for I-CAR’s Repairability Technical Support (RTS) portal, or “RTS,” introduced a series of “I-CAR 360” videos.  These three-to-four minute videos are designed to serve up a 30,000 ft. “under-the-hood” peek of some of the complex repair needs of today’s most popular vehicles.



“These I-CAR 360 videos provide that quick, visual snapshot – a 360 degree spin around the repair needs of today’s advanced vehicles – before one of these models pulls into your bay,” said Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Director – Industry Technical Relations. 
While nothing can replace adhering to OEM repair procedures, the videos are the “pre-curser….the preview of coming attractions to get shops and technicians ready,” he said.
A Visual “Heads Up”

Case in point, with the 2018 Chevy Bolt, repairs to the lower rails involve five different attachment methods for one part.
“We all consume information differently, so this is another way to inspire and ultimately equip the industry with the knowledge, tools and information to perform complete, safe and quality repairs,” he said.  
Access the complimentary video series here: RTS.I-CAR.com/ICAR360.