January 2019 Blog Posts

It's a Matter of Truth

01/21/2019 by Doug Roach
Doug Roach is a long-time I-CAR instructor, and owner of Collision Repair Specialists in San Jose, California.
I was recently asked to provide a one-word description to underscore why I-CAR has succeeded all of these years. 
To me, the answer is obvious, yet multi-dimensional. It’s the reason why I’ve been a consultant for I-CAR’s training programs since the organization’s inception, and have been an I-CAR instructor for decades. 


A Quick Snapshot to Getting Technical

01/14/2019 by I-CAR
How do you consume information?  Are you someone who can open a book, read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, or do you juggle several books or articles at a time, revisiting each one as your time and interest dictates?
The reality is, how information is consumed varies from person to person, much like learning styles and preferences for accessing content.  From clicks to streams to old-school print, the content options, channels and methods are seemingly endless.