March 2021 Blog Posts

How Collision Shops Are Adjusting – and Succeeding – in the ‘New Normal’

03/26/2021 by Carolyn Gray of DRIVE Marketing
How do collision shops stay relevant when the 'New Norm' means less people driving which equates to people not getting into as many accidents? Shop owner and DRIVEclient, Kristi Wright of Wright Way Collision Repair of Albany, Indiana shares the actions she has taken to keep her business successful and growing during this uncertain time.


Manage the Workflow with Shop Walks and Blueprinting

03/11/2021 by Bud Center, I-CAR Director, Technical Products and Curriculum

As a production manager, you need to have complete “shop awareness” much like a professional basketball player possesses “court awareness,” knowing where the ball and other players are and how much time is left on the clock to complete the play. That doesn’t mean you have to be on the shop floor every minute monitoring workflow in order to hit Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets. Conducting shop walks as needed, and at least a few times a day, and communicating with your team during those walks, will keep your “shop awareness” high.