November 2020 Blog Posts

Easy-to-Use, Always Updated Course Matrix Taps into Value of I-CAR’s Industry Protocol

11/30/2020 by Val D'Anna
Of all of I-CAR’s recent achievements, the Industry Knowledge and Skill Protocol stands apart as our master work of the past decade. Creating a blueprint for the industry, with knowledge and skills broken down in detail for eight key technician roles, is a herculean task that is ever-evolving. It will need to be maintained with updates as long as the industry continues to evolve and change. Much more than a project, the Protocol is an ongoing commitment I-CAR has made to the inter-industry. There simply is no one else so well positioned to take it on as I-CAR.


Recycled Rides® Program Creates Ultimate Involvement for the Collision Repair Industry

11/12/2020 by Kimberly Owens
For the past 13 years, the National Autobody Council’s (NABC™) Recycled Rides® program has been coordinating the repairs and donations of vehicles to families of need. Over just the past few years, the program has organized the donations of over 2,500 vehicles. What an amazing accomplishment within the collision repair industry!