04/20/2018 by I-CAR
With the launch of Issue #4, the team dedicated to producing I-CAR’s Collision Reporter is already deep into developing Issue #5 – THE TRAINING ISSUE - with coverage plans being solidified for Issues #6 and #7, THE TECHNOLOGY ISSUE and BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ISSUE, respectively.
You see, each quarterly issue is a multi-step process that stretches several months in the making.  Curious about the team and its work behind-the-scenes?  Here’s a quick look at how your new favorite magazine comes together:

1. Plan & Plan Some More:  A couple of times a year, the staff huddles around the table to map out themes and areas of focus for the year; we’re always assessing to ensure our themes reflect the “pulse” of what’s top-of-mind for the industry.  Then we align each theme with a specific quarter or “season.”  Ie., the BUSINESS PREFORMANCE issue is slated to publish in early Jan., 2019, an ideal time to explore new strategies, proven practices and tips for accelerating your shop’s success in the New Year.

2. It’s All About YOU:  Your input, ideas, and comments are hugely important- we’re constantly learning, listening and keeping our eyes peeled for your emails or texts with a story idea or subject matter expert. We’re also in direct communication with the industry at trade shows and via social media, always mining great nuggets of content.

3. The Line-Up: With research, feedback and ideas in hand, we begin mapping out the story “wish list” and related Subject Matter Experts, thought leaders and other industry sources for a specific issue, knowing that a few will drop out, and others will be added in this fluid process.  We also are connecting with the publication’s Creative Director and Social Media Manager about visual packaging/concepts and reader engagement.

4. A Hot Mic!  And we’re off to the races; we work with a network of seasoned, professionals journalists to procure strong, relevant content, and that begins with solid reporting and writing. 

5. Creative Juices:  Once edited, the Creative Director begins his magic; artfully positioning stories into layout, making multiple adjustments to keep content flowing.  DID you know there is both a print and digital edition of Collision Reporter?  So our Creative Director is also coordinating with the IT and Video teams to identify and upload “bonus content.”

6. The Finish Line! It’s off to the printer, following lots of technical communication with the Creative Director to ensure the colors & images all “pop,” the correct weight of paper and finish is on point and lots of other technical details.  Approximately 8,000 hard copies will be collated, stapled and distributed, and on the final day of distribution, we go “LIVE” with our digital version so that it’s accessible to everyone at the same time.

7. And the Cycle Repeats!  And it’s back to Step 1, all over again!  
With four editions completed, do you have a favorite?Has a story inspired you or broadened your perspective in some way?What about a future story idea – bring 1em! We’d love to hear from you.Director is are sent to the Creative Director for Throughout this step, we’re also This is where map out a “wish list”the content Thisfor Jan., 2019It starts with YOUYouFour issues and more than three dozen stories later, it’s time to Take a Drive Between the Pages – or, this is how an issue of COLLISION REPORTER comes together