01/02/2020 by I-CAR
In the midst of the talent crisis, it’s important to not only attract talent, but to retain it. Retention begins by hiring dedicated and hardworking employees who are a good fit with an organization’s culture…but what skills and attributes must shops specifically look for? Dustin Harrier, AVP of Field Technology for Service King Collision Repair Centers, outlines the three essential traits for any new hire. 
1) Ability to Learn: Do they project intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn/train?  Someone that says, “No, I know it…I know how to fix cars…I’m good,” may not be the best candidate. The best workers are those who are always saying, “Sign me up [for the next class]; teach me.”
2) Team Player: How does the individual act on a team, what is their appreciation and respect for the role of team members? Do they have a willingness to share their learning and information…to bring knowledge to the company “ecosystem?”
3) Technical Aptitude.Does this candidate understand late-model systems? If not, do they possess a strong willingness to learn?
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