03/25/2020 by Nick Notte
We at I-CAR, hope that you and your families are safe and protected from any issues associated with the Coronavirus. This unique situation in both our personal and professional lives was nothing that could have been predicted, at least up until a few months ago. I understand the pressures that you may be feeling in your shops. The public has dramatically reduced their driving, so collision frequency has decreased. Drivable vehicles needing repair have slowed coming to your shops. Heavy hit vehicles are waiting for parts that are manufactured around the world by businesses being affected even more severely than those here, in the United States. And with the slow-down in repair volume, collision repair technicians, and their managers, are wondering when the work will pick up, and more importantly, how to stay gainfully employed.
Having had responsibility for running an MSO in the past, I realize that finding work for technicians during slow times can be difficult, especially if you have to find it for many days in succession. When I found myself in that predicament, I assessed the knowledge and capabilities of my teams, and turned to training as a way to both further educate them and keep them on the payroll. With the technician pool shrinking, the last thing our industry, and you need, is losing more of our true craftsmen.  

Why I-CAR Training Subscription matters now more than ever.

The good news for those of you who have signed on for I-CAR’s training Subscription option, is that you can have your teams take as much On-Line training, choosing from our 239 on-line courses, during this slow period as you want and need. Once the Coronavirus crisis is behind us, you’ll have to train to renew your Gold Class designation. Why not take care of that training, at least the On-Line part, which is the largest portion of I-CAR classes, right now?!

Our New Vehicle/New Technology courses for annual training are some of our best…and most are an hour in duration or less. Your front office staff can benefit from this training as well, at no additional cost.  What I’m saying here is that you made a wise choice in opting for subscription, so take advantage of it. It will not cost you anything beyond your regular subscription price.

For those of you who have not opted for I-CAR’s training subscription, you can do so at any time, but you are welcome to keep your technicians and non-technicians training without subscription. Again, once this crisis is past us, you will have to meet Gold Class training requirements, so why not do so now, while business is slow! 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Training Subscription program, click here. Otherwise, here’s a link to our full course catalog, where you can view our online course options.

Finally, if you have any questions about your subscription or would like to take more training, please contact your Customer Care rep. They are committed to helping you in your time of need.
I wish you all the best during these trying times. We’re all in this together.