I-CAR COVID-19 Information and Policies


Supporting Every
Supporting Every

At I-CAR, the health and safety of our students, instructors, segment partners, customers and employees are of the utmost importance.

Our objective with the below policies is to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19. We believe that requires the full cooperation of all involved. Please review the policies outlined below.



Credentialing Policy


2021 Credential Renewal Extension – New (January 11, 2021) 

The following credential change affects individuals and businesses located in States with COVID-19 policies that require I-CAR to cease in-shop delivery or any individual or business where I-CAR is unable to deliver training due to the pandemic: 

All Platinum individuals and Gold Class Businesses with renewals in January through March 2021 will have their renewal extended 6 months from their original renewal date. 

All individuals with active welding certifications expiring in January through March 2021 will have their welding certifications extended 6 months from their original renewal date.

Current State Statuses


In-Shop Training Policy


This policy outlines appropriate actions needed by students and instructor leading up to and during an In-shop, person to person training event.

I-CAR COVID-19 Mitigation

Instructor Responsibilities
Instructors/Assessors are required to complete a COVID-19 Training Program.
Instructors/Assessors are required to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

In the event an Instructor or Assessor is experiencing symptoms, Instructor will immediately contact I-CAR, which will then contact the customer for a reschedule (if another cannot be assigned).

Instructors/Assessors will review COVID-19 Questionnaire with customers prior to the event, and again upon arrival at facility.

Instructors will wear a mask upon entering the facility and will continue to wear a mask at all times while in the facility.

Instructors/Assessors will deliver training supporting social distancing guidelines.

Instructors/Assessors will practice good hygiene.

Instructors/Assessors will notify I-CAR immediately upon confirmation of diagnosis of COVID-19.
Customer Responsibilities
Customer will maintain a clean, sanitized facility throughout the day.

 Customers will read and sign the COVID-19 Questionnaire forms presented.

Customer will support social distancing guidelines by providing adequate space for training event to ensure guidelines can be supported.

Customer will ensure each technician is equipped with masks and will require students to wear masks at all times while Instructor/Assessor is on site.

Customer will provide tools and equipment for training event. The Instructor will not be providing any extra for students.

Customer will ensure other shop employees not participating in the training will not be allowed in the training area.

Technicians/Students will practice good hygiene.

Customers will notify I-CAR immediately if discovered that someone at shop has been exposed to COVID-19 while Instructor/Assessor was on site.



I-CAR Instructors/Assessors and Customers may reschedule or discontinue the training event at any time based on any COVID-19 related concerns.


Visitor Policy

An Open Letter from Our CEO


Read an open letter from I-CAR’s CEO & President John Van Alstyne regarding our efforts to support the inter-industry during the pandemic while mitigating the risk of potential transmission of COVID-19 at I-CAR training events.


Supporting Every


Supporting Every