Jaguar & Land Rover Training

Jaguar Land Rover

Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover.

I-CAR is pleased to announce that Jaguar Land Rover recommends the following I-CAR training for the Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Aluminum Repair Network technicians:



Taking the recommended I-CAR courses will not qualify a non-certified technician to be a Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Technician.

There is additional JLR training and assessment tests administered by I-CAR for the Jaguar Land Rover Aluminum Network that the technician must complete to become a certified JLR Technician.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program™ (PDP) is role-relevant training and provides distinct training paths in industry-recognized Knowledge Areas. To earn Gold Class Recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain training across each of the major Collision Repair Roles: