I-CAR to premiere new in-shop training on best practices for documentation and digital photography

Hoffman Estates, IL
June 12, 2014

I-CAR® will launch an all-new instructor-led course on July 7 for estimators and appraisers. I-CAR’s new Live Demo course, Documentation and Digital Photography (DOC01), will train industry professionals in an interactive shop setting where they will use their own cameras to simulate documentation and digital photography best practices.

“Documentation has become increasingly important in collision repair. Repairers rely on documentation to record damage, insurers to assess damage, and customers to understand the status of their vehicle’s repair. Understanding exactly what needs to be documented – and how and when - can make or break quality documentation records,” explained Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum & Product Development.

During the course, students will learn about important considerations for taking quality photos, including elements such as proper lighting, angle, flash usage and how to capture damage. Students will gain information on working with an array of different camera types available to them, from the smartphone in their pocket to the camera they use for work everyday. Photo requirements, creation of shot lists and supplement photos are other topics covered in the course.

“This course takes place in-shop and provides the student with the unique opportunity to practice and apply knowledge while using their own camera during a variety of classroom exercises. This is a major benefit to the student,” said McFarlin.

The content learned in this course can be applied in any collision repair setting and can decrease cycle time and Customer Service Index (CSI) scores.

This instructor-led, Live 3-credit hour course meets training requirements for Estimators and Auto Physical Damage Appraisers in I-CAR’s Professional Development Program™ (PDP).

To register for Documentation and Digital Photography (DOC01), visit the I-CAR website at www.i-car.com or contact I-CAR Customer Care at 1-800-I-CAR-USA (800-422-7872).