I-CAR Launches New Courses on Honda & Acura A/C Collision Repair and Acura NSX Damage Analysis

Hoffman Estates, IL
May 05, 2016
I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, has announced that it will launch two new courses in the second quarter of 2016: Honda & Acura A/C Collision Repair and Acura NSX Damage Analysis. The new online courses are part of I-CAR’s continued collaboration with American Honda Motor Company, Inc. in an effort to help deliver Honda and Acura vehicle-specific training to the collision repair industry.

Honda & Acura A/C Collision Repair (HON15e), the fifth in a series of American Honda-developed, I-CAR delivered online courses, gives technicians the information needed to perform proper and complete post-collision A/C system repairs on Honda and Acura vehicles. The course also empowers facilities to ensure that sublet repairs are done properly. The course is divided into three sections that highlight refrigeration system issues, A/C electrical issues, and service equipment and troubleshooting.

“American Honda is pleased to partner with I-CAR for delivery of our newest training module, Honda & Acura A/C Collision Repair (HON15e). Few vehicle systems can negatively affect customer satisfaction more so than a malfunctioning air conditioner. Because damage to these systems is likely in frontal collisions, this module addresses the most common A/C issues experienced after collision repair and will explain how these issues may be avoided. Even shops that sublet air conditioning repair will benefit from the latest knowledge of the climate control systems used on Honda and Acura vehicles.” said Steve Osborne, Assistant Vice President, American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

Acura NSX Damage Analysis (HNU04E01), this online course also delivered by I-CAR, and in this case developed by I-CAR in collaboration with Honda, provides an overview of damage analysis considerations for the newly released second-generation Acura NSX. The course is divided into two sections that highlight Acura NSX Non-Structural Repair Network requirements and repair strategy, and Acura NSX damage analysis. The course will primarily benefit collision repair estimators, insurance company personnel, and other industry professionals handling NSX body repairs.

“The second generation NSX is easily the most exciting and complex vehicle ever offered for sale by Acura. To best insure client satisfaction, Acura has collaborated with I-CAR to develop training for non-structural damage repair. Acura’s newest training module, NSX Damage Analysis (HNU04E01) is designed primarily for insurance adjusters and for shops that are members of the NSX Non-Structural Repair Network. In addition to an overview of repair network requirements, this course will present the critical information needed to perform damage analysis on this multi-material supercar.” added Osborne.

"I-CAR recognizes the importance of vehicle-specific training and is committed to working with OEMs to help deliver this unique training to the industry.” stated Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum & Product Development. "The partnership between I-CAR and American Honda Motor Company has been a great success story and we look forward to continuing to support American Honda as it continues to expand its course offerings for Honda and Acura vehicles.”

All new courses are available today; to learn more about the courses, visit www.i-car.com/newcourses. For information on I-CAR and the full training portfolio, visit the I-CAR website at www.i-car.com.