I-CAR Introduces New Initiative to Improve Learning Experience

Hoffman Estates, IL
May 08, 2017
I-CAR© today announced a new live course cancellation policy effective May 1, 2017. The new policy is aimed at improving the student learning experience by eliminating classes with fewer than three students. I-CAR is fully committed to continuously improving the overall live classroom experience for all I-CAR students, and minuscule class sizes directly reduce student learning and instructor teaching effectiveness. This change represents the first in a series of quality improvement initiatives being developed to enhance learning for I-CAR students.
I-CAR Instructors will receive a warning four days in advance of the class that it has less than three students registered. Local research will begin to determine if one or two additional students in the area would benefit from completing the class. If enrollment remains below the less-than-three threshold, instructors will be notified two days prior that the class is being cancelled, allowing time for the students and their businesses to be notified.
Measures are in place to ensure that classes will be available for rescheduling and that shops pursuing Gold Class renewals are provided alternative options. Those measures include: 
Allowing students to register for the next available class in their area.
Scheduling a private event (a business can request a specific date and even an instructor to teach as many or as few students as needed for the previously cancelled class). More information on private events can be found on the I-CAR website.
In addition to increasing class size, I-CAR is working to secure permanent training locations. “In the past couple of years, we have seen classes being taught in locations not conducive to a quality learning experience,” said I-CAR Director, Business Development, Nick Notte. “Moving to permanent qualified and approved locations, preferably career and technical education facilities, brings a heightened level of consistency and professionalism to the I-CAR training experience. Our regional managers and committee members are currently working to secure those permanent sites, and will complete this work by the end of the year.”
I-CAR recognizes that these changes may cause a bit of angst among some customers, committee members and even instructors. Once this initiative is implemented, increasing student participation in the classroom will pay dividends through improved knowledge transfer that can be applied immediately on-the-job. The end result should be a safer, more complete and quality repair for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.