I-CAR launches seven new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training Courses

Hoffman Estates, IL
January 09, 2017

I-CAR® has released seven new one-hour, online courses, as part of its new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training curriculum portfolio.


The courses include three that are Nissan/INFINITI specific, a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Collision Repair Overview, a course on calibration of front facing cameras and front radar, an introduction to diagnostics and scan tools and a new one-hour online version of the 2017 edition of I-CAR’s popular vehicle technology and trends course. 


All seven courses are offered online and have been specifically designed to provide collision repair technicians with cutting-edge knowledge that targets today’s innovative vehicles.


The three Nissan/INFINTI courses are:


Safety Shield Technologies (NI001E01) – Nissan’s Safety Shield Technologies are a suite of advanced safety features that are designed to provide an extra set of eyes for the driver and help reduce response time in braking situations. This course provides detailed explanations of how to identify if a vehicle is equipped with Safety Shield Technologies, how the systems function, what parts are associated with each system, what kind of damage is typical when the systems are involved in a collision and what procedures are required when parts are removed or replaced.


Nissan Repair Considerations (NI002E01) – This course familiarizes the technician with the vehicles that make up the Nissan model lineup. Additionally, it looks at how to access the repair procedures required for quality repairs. Students will become familiar with the unique repair considerations that are required by Nissan.


INFINITI Repair Considerations (NI003E01) – This offering is designed to provide technicians with specific details on vehicles in the INFINITI model lineup. Students will learn about required repair considerations that are unique to INFINITI, as well as how to access specific repair procedures.


Other new courses include:

Calibration of Front Facing Cameras and Front Radars (VT200E01) – Systems that require either a front facing camera or front millimeter wave radar are intricate and procedures for repairing them are complex. Students will learn what is involved with calibrating these two advanced electronic systems. 


Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools (VT210E01) – Students will gain knowledge on the differences between certain electrical troubleshooting tools, when OEM scan tools are required, and how they can most effectively handle their diagnostic needs. 


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Collision Repair Overview (VT205E01) – The course provides an overview covering everything from FCA’s rich repair history to their position on modern repair issues including their position on cold straightening, partial replacements, types of specified joints for repair, and pre- and post-scans for collision repair.


Vehicle Technology and Trends (VT017E01) – This course covers new features and collision repair procedures for 2017 Model Year vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Technology highlights include composite reinforcements, a battery-powered GMA pulse welder and resistance spot riveting.


“Vehicle manufacturers are continuing to innovate with regards to the technologies and materials that are going into their new models,” said Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum and Product Development. “The need for, and the value of, I-CAR training to the industry continues to increase. We are committed to working with the OEMs so that we are able to deliver the most relevant courses possible, and help repair facilities and technicians by providing the information and knowledge they need to perform complete, safe, and quality repairs. As repairs become more vehicle specific, the industry will find that our new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training curriculum offering is both relevant and complementary to I-CAR’s core training programs.”


All of the new courses are available starting Monday, January 9. To learn more about the courses visit www.i-car.com/newcourses. For information on I-CAR and the organization’s full education, knowledge and solutions portfolio, visit the I-CAR website at www.i-car.com.