Collision Advice


Collision Advice offers some of the most respected, experienced and passionate experts in the collision repair industry.  Mike Anderson and his outstanding team bring real world, cutting-edge solutions and guidance directly to you, both onsite and online.

Collision Advice is a full-service training and consulting firm offering collision repairs businesses of all sizes assistance with virtually every aspect of business management, including sales and marketing, production, human resources and finances.  Whether you are seeking expert guidance with estimating, 100-percent disassembly, best practices, SOP development, lean principles, accounting, customer service, negotiating, workforce development, websites, social media and much more.

It was founded in 2010 by Mike Anderson, following the sale of his collision repair businesses that he operated in Alexandria, Va., for more than 20 years.  Anderson and his Collision Advice team offer dozens of workshops and seminars throughout the United States and Canada each year and provide business and shop operational consulting services for individual collision repair businesses.

Our passion is to deliver the most impactive, sustainable and challenging training in the collision repair industry.  We enthusiastically inspire collision repair owners to accept personal responsibility for their team’s success and see the amazing potential in this industry.  In addition, we arm our attendees with the knowledge they need to research what it takes to fix vehicles correctly and tools to help them get paid for the work completed.

Collision Advice also conducts quarterly “Who Pays for What?” surveys, as well as monthly webinars entitled, “Learn to Research; Research to Learn.

In addition, Collision Advice supports our clients in implementing their key take-aways from our training, through working with clients onsite at their facilities and facilitating 20-groups.