DRIVE Inspires

DRIVE Connects

DRIVE has a lasting impact on the life of the independent shop owner

DRIVE brings technology, training and innovative management systems to each client. Our proven techniques empower the shop owner to succeed and have the life and business they want.

Each component of the DRIVE system targets the clients needs.

At its core, DRIVE is about teaching each client current and cutting-edge techniques that bring practical and impactful business methods to their shop.

This is achieved with:

• In-depth workshops and seminars

• Best-in-class business consulting

• Shop Business Analysis (SBA)

• Proprietary software packages


• Connecting Shop Owners

• Digital, Website & Social Media Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, DRIVE is the industry’s top business consulting group specifically for the auto, truck and collision repair shop. Whether the goal is to increase car counts or expand the shop’s customer base or to plan for a comfortable retirement, DRIVE can take a shop’s business to the level of success.