New Industry Training Alliance® Process and Instructions

Uploading Training Alliance Courses

As part of the recently launched I-CAR Enhancements, there is a new process for uploading Training Alliance course completions.
Alliance instructors or administrators will now be required to upload course completions.
Whoever is entering the information must do so from an activated I-CAR account on If an administrator is entering the information on behalf of an instructor whose account is not activated, either the administrator or the instructor must first activate their account.
Here are the three upload steps:
  1. Make sure the instructor has an activated account (instructions attached).
  2. Using the new Alliance Import Template, fill in the requested information in the fields. Do not upload cumulative course completions.
  3. Reference the upload process instructions to upload completions into the I-CAR website (instructions attached). 

How Students Are Affected

From a student’s perspective, there are only a few changes that I-CARs new system will have upon them.
  1. They do not have to submit a student application for I-CAR credit.
  2. They do not have to pay for I-CAR credit after taking an approved Alliance course.
  3. They do not have to wait 45 days to receive I-CAR credit. As soon as an Instructor or Administrator submits the Alliance Import Template (attached) into the I-CAR system, their training plan is updated automatically.
  4. If they want I-CAR credit for an Alliance course, they MUST provide their I-CAR ID number to the instructor.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please email: