Intrepid Direct Insurance


We are excited to join I-CAR® as a Sustaining Partner™ because we share common values and purpose.  At Intrepid Direct Insurance we are dedicated to the Automotive Repair Industry.  We believe collision repair business owners deserve support and a better experience from their partners.  I-CAR® exists to provide education, information and services to the collision industry.  The Sustaining Partner™ program brings the Inter-Industry together to support collision repair industry training with the goal of ensuring complete, safe, and quality repairs.
The Intrepid Direct Insurance approach to assure a quality experience for collision repairs is straight forward.
- Direct Provider – all of the communication, service and assistance is directly with a decision maker at Intrepid Direct Insurance.
- Automotive & Insurance Expertise – Elite garage underwriters, auto aftermarket claims professionals and certified mechanics (ASE, TIA).
- PeoTech – People using technology to provide a better experience. 

As a result we understand the collision repair industry and how to work with owners to offer the proper protection.
- Ability and desire to handle broader coverage with appropriate deductibles tailored to garage operations including unique coverages.
- One Bundle – One Payment – No Middleman
   - garage liability, property, workers’ comp, auto, garage keepers, umbrella, pollution liability, harassment/discrimination, cyber risk, general liability, employee tools
   - 12 monthly payments with no fees or finance charges
- Factory direct pricing that no agent can access.
- Ease of doing business (No long applications) 10-15 minutes of business owner’s time to receive a quote.
- Instant Access to Information – quotes, ID cards, certificates, claims, policy, premium billing, endorsements, and friendly/knowledgeable people to assist you.

The vision of I-CAR® is every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.  Intrepid Direct Insurance is committed to promoting and supporting those efforts to deliver increasingly accessible, on-demand and relevant education, knowledge, services and solutions for the Collision Repair Inter-Industry.
Thank You