I-CAR Governance

The I-CAR® Governance Model ensures that I-CAR remains ahead of the curve in its quest to support and accelerate its critical vision and mission-based work: to equip every person in the collision repair industry with the technical knowledge, skills, information and solutions necessary to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

Governance Model Details

Governance encompasses the I-CAR Leadership Team, the I-CAR Board of Directors, the I-CAR Membership, and I-CAR Member Council.

The I-CAR Leadership Team is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and the team is divided into the following core functional areas: Accounting; IT & Operations; Field; Marketing; Human Resources; Governance; Segment Development; Technical Relations; Curriculum & Product Development; and Project Management.

The Board of Directors is a 13-17 member board comprised of representatives from the following industry segments: Collision Repair; Insurance; Vehicle Manufacturers; Tools, Equipment & Supplies; Education and Training; and Related Industry Services.

I-CAR Membership is open to individuals and companies from the above industry segments that support I-CAR and its vision and mission. More information about membership qualifications and benefits can be found by clicking the Membership button below.

The I-CAR Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation provide the framework for which the organization operates from a governance standpoint.