Governance encompasses the I-CAR Leadership Team, the I-CAR Board of Directors, and the I-CAR Membership.

The I-CAR Leadership Team is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and the team is divided into the following core functional areas: Accounting; IT & Operations; Field; Marketing; Human Resources; Governance; Segment Development; Technical Relations; Curriculum & Product Development; and Project Management.

The CEO & President reports to the I-CAR Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is a 22-member board comprised of representatives from the following industry segments: Collision Repair; Insurance; Vehicle Manufacturers; Tools, Equipment & Supplies; Education, Training & Research; and Related Industry Services.

The Executive Committee is a subset of the Board comprised of seven individuals who hold the following Officer positions: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past Chair, and Members-at-Large.

I-CAR Membership is open to individuals and companies from the above industry segments. In addition to supporting I-CAR and its vision and mission, the chief role of the Membership is to elect the I-CAR Board of Directors and approve any proposed amendments to the I-CAR Bylaws.

The I-CAR Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation provide the framework for which the organization operates from a governance standpoint.