SegmentLandingPage_Insurers.jpg The insurance segment of the collision repair inter-industry joined the collision repair segment to become the key founding forces behind I-CAR in 1979. The critical problem needing to be addressed was the void of repair information for unibody frames, an innovation foreshadowing today’s Technical Tsunami™. Insurance businesses committed to complete, safe and quality repairs made on behalf of their auto policyholders are as much a consumer as a collaborator in their relationship with I-CAR. This segment uses and supports I-CAR’s services and programming, including:

  • educational programming, including more than 300 online, virtual and live courses that cover everything from the traditional basics of auto physical damage appraisals to advanced knowledge about new technologies such as ADAS and electric vehicles

  • technical services like our Repairability Technical Support®, which offers technical articles, OEM search tools, best practices and Ask I-CAR™ real-time technical support

  • credentialing programs considered the industry standard for training

    • insurance businesses participate in Gold Class® program and auto physical damage appraisers in the Platinum™ program

    • insurance company Direct Repair Programs recommend or require participating collision repair centers to complete I-CAR training and/or I-CAR credentialing

  • I-CAR Sustaining Partners™ have significant support from the insurance segment, another way this segment backs I-CAR’s vision

This segment has representation on I-CAR’s Board of Directors and the Member Council, which serves as an information conduit between the industry and I-CAR.