Volunteers & Instructors

To contribute to complete, safe and quality collision repairs, I-CAR aims to bring training and knowledge to everyone in the industry.
Such a lofty goal would not be possible without dedicated instructors and volunteers on I-CAR’s front lines.
This I-CAR community is united by the urgency of its work that ultimately helps keep consumers safe.  Undaunted by the size of I-CAR’s mission, it steadily whittles away at the enormity of “every” day after day.  I-CAR instructors travel far and wide to train technicians who face increasingly complex repairs due to rapid technological advancements.  I-CAR volunteers promote I-CAR curriculum to technical schools and work tirelessly to spread the word about I-CAR’s training solutions, one shop at a time—and there are thousands of body shops not currently doing training. 
Teaching for I-CAR, volunteering for I-CAR, and in some cases, doing both, becomes a way of life.  We invite you to learn more.  Because we can’t reach “everyone” without a lot of help, and we welcome yours.