In-Shop Knowledge Assessment


To better understand knowledge gained through experience, I-CAR developed the In-Shop Knowledge Assessment. This face-to-face, conversational assessment of Refinish, Structural, Non-Structural and Estimator technicians in a shop will confirm their ProLevel®1 knowledge, so employee training can focus on areas where it is specifically needed to avoid redundant information and achieve ProLevel 1 requirements faster.

These assessments provide immediate feedback so that knowledge gaps can be recognized and addressed. A customized training program is developed and provided to you by your Customer Care Representative.

Why is it Important

An In-Shop Knowledge Assessment is the best way to get on an accelerated path to Gold Class recognition and gain access to many network programs. The face-to-face format also addresses concerns such as reading comprehension and language barriers. Completing an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment shows a commitment to training and continuous improvement for your team. Understanding their individual degrees of knowledge and skills builds bench strength and improves employee retention.

What to Expect

With an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment, a trained assessor will conduct an event during a scheduled time to assess each technician one-on-one. Generally, an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment takes two days to cover about nine technicians. After your In-Shop Knowledge Assessment, you will receive a customized plan for ProLevel 1 achievement designed to focus training where it is needed and eliminate redundancies.


Below is a step-by-step overview of an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment:

  1. An I-CAR assessor is on site during the day to reduce travel time and lost production time for technicians.
  2. An assessor has a face-to-face conversation with each technician in one of the required roles.
  3. Technicians are assessed through ProLevel 1 and are provided a customized training plan to fit their needs.
  4. Assessment and pricing includes all ProLevel 1 assessments and training for all Refinish, Structural, Non-Structural and Estimator technicians. In addition, ProLevel 1 assessments and training for Electrical & Diagnostics and Mechanical Theory shop-level requirements are covered.

Call for a Quote

Contact Customer Care at (844) 505-9557 with an updated roster if you’re interested in an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment for your shop.