In-Shop Knowledge Assessment Resources


An In-Shop Knowledge Assessment is a face-to-face, conversational assessment of all technicians in a shop will confirm their ProLevel® 1 knowledge levels.

These assessments provide immediate feedback so that knowledge gaps can be recognized and addressed. A customized training program is developed from the assessment.



What You Get

When you successfully participate in an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment you:


Receive a customized training plan to address any ProLevel 1 education needs.


Get immediate feedback on knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.


Gain training credit for knowledge areas where competency was evident.


What To Expect

Watch to find out how to prepare for an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment at your shop.


Personal and Team Goals

There are three levels of training, referred to as ProLevel® 1, ProLevel 2 and ProLevel 3. Platinum recognition will be achieved when ProLevel 3 is completed for a role.


Gold Class achievement for collision repair facilities is achieved when individuals complete ProLevel 2 in the four key roles. Scaling and location level training requirements are also required to ensure every shop has an equal percentage of trained professionals and the knowledge needed to keep pace with modern vehicle technology.


What’s Next

As part of your In-Shop Knowledge Assessment, you/your team will be enrolled into the courses needed to complete ProLevel 1 based on the customized training plan at no additional charge to your shop.

All courses can be completed by signing into your myI-CAR® account online and selecting “Launch myLearning”.

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