Member Council

Purpose Of The Member Council

The purpose of the Member Council is to provide a voice of the customer to I-CAR as it relates to current and future service offerings to the industry; to be a sounding board to review and provide feedback to I-CAR related to I-CAR service and program planning; to be an ambassador of good will and advocacy in pursuit of the industry’s adoption and betterment.

MembershipCouncil_SilhouetteWithCheckmarks.pngCANDIDATE CRITERIA

• Commitment to I-CAR and its mission, vision and goals by both candidate and their employer.
• Preferably, candidates will have been an I-CAR Member (individual or organizational) for at least three years prior to joining the Council.
• Time commitment; participating fully in Member Council meetings requires time to prepare for travel and attend meetings.
• A solid track record of contributing to the success of I-CAR programs, events or projects, and/or participation on I-CAR committees is preferred.
• A working understanding of I-CAR from a training, technical services, or network management perspective is preferred.
• Five or more years of working in the industry segment represented by the Member Council candidate. Working in a position of influence within your organization where able to advocate support for I-CAR products and services is a plus.
• Employees of I-CAR are not eligible to serve on the Member Council.


• Provide constructive and objective feedback; always maintain a segment and industry perspective; rather than a “company” or personal perspective.
• Serve as a voice of the segment membership body providing input to I-CAR as it relates to current and future service offerings.
• Act as a sounding board to I-CAR by reviewing and providing feedback to initiatives related to services and programs, both current and future.
• Direct input to I-CAR as an industry segment representative to share segment challenges and opportunities relative to I-CAR’s vision/mission/role.
• Act as an ambassador of good will and advocacy in pursuit of the industry’s embracement and adoptionof the I-CAR vision and mission.

• When appropriate, be a responsible conduit of information flowing from the industry to I-CAR and from I-CAR to the industry to enhance industry communications.
• Participate in I-CAR Surveys and program pilots, as invited and able.
• The OEM, Insurance and Collision Repair segments will each appoint one representative to serve on the I-CAR Nominating Committee.
Such appointed Member Council representatives are eligible to serve up to two consecutive one-year terms on the Nominating Committee.
• Sign and abide by I-CAR policies as they relate to U.S. Antitrust Laws, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest.
• Participate in Council meetings as scheduled throughout the year.

Member Council Segment Composition Pie Chart

The Selection Committee will strive to maintain diverse Council representation across all segments in both organization size and leadership level.


A Call for Council Representatives will be issued annually to all I-CAR Members.
(Note no Call for Council Representatives will be issued in the 2020 inaugural year).


1. A Call-for-Council Representatives to serve on the Member Council will be issued annually to all I-CAR Members, the call will include a list of the open positions I-CAR is seeking.
2. Those wishing to serve on the Member Council must submit a completed application for consideration. Member Council applications may be downloaded from the I-CAR website.
3. The Selection Committee will review all applications received by the established deadline.
4. Candidates selected to participate on the Member Council, will be notified by the Member Council Chair.


The term of the Member Council Representative shall commence on January 1, for a renewable term of 2 years, not to exceed three (3) terms.


Active participation is crucial to the effectiveness of the Member Council. Council representatives are expected to attend two Council meetings per year, held according to the following schedule: