I-CAR® Course Credit Policy


This policy outlines how I-CAR course credits are applied to participants that complete an eligible I-CAR course or an approved Training Alliance provider course.

Defining Course Credit and Eligible Courses

I-CAR course credit is the current unit measure for eligible I-CAR and approved Training Alliance courses. Course credits are different than course count in that one course may provide more than one course credit, dependent on training duration.

An eligible I-CAR or Training Alliance course is an I-CAR approved learning event that includes both a training and testing element. The course format can be, but not limited to Live, Online, Virtual, Hands-On Skills Development, or a Certification. The course may be held in-person at a shop, classroom environment, or at a fixed-training site, or courses may be held over the Internet. Training and evaluation time count towards course credit for in-person courses. Breaks, meals, etc. do not count towards course credits.

The testing element can be, but not limited to, an in-person or online theoretical or practical test or an in-person hands-on skills assessment. The testing format is chosen by I-CAR and is utilized to prove the participants have the knowledge and skills the course was intended to teach and/or verify.


Participants must obtain and provide an I-CAR ID to receive course credit. Only registered or enrolled participants who then attend and complete both the course training and course testing element are eligible to earn course credit.

To earn I-CAR course credit, the participant must pass the testing element of the course.

Earned Course Credits

  • For courses less than one hour in duration, one course credit will be given.
  • For courses one hour or longer in duration, course credit will be applied for each full hour of course duration or instruction.
  • Credit will be rounded down to the nearest whole number for courses that have fractional hours (ex. A 3.5-hour course will be given 3 course credit hours). • Participants can receive a maximum of 6 course credits towards Annual Training.