Hands-On Skills Development™ Event Policy

Equipment & Facility Conditions:

On the day of the event, if the results of the Capability & Readiness Assessment performed by the I-CAR® Instructor deem the equipment or facility to be inadequate, then student training for that day will be canceled and the course fees will be forfeited. When required equipment and/or facility conditions are corrected, a new event may be requested, and full course pricing will apply.

Facility Event Reschedule:

If an event reschedule is necessary, I-CAR must be notified at least 5 business days in advance, or full course fee will be forfeited. A new event will need to be requested for student(s) and the full course fee will apply.

Student Substitution, Additional Students and No Show:

I-CAR must be notified at least 5 business days in advance of the scheduled event that the pre-registered student(s) is unable to attend. If notice is not received and student(s) does not attend the event, full course fees will be forfeited. Student substitutions are allowed at no additional fee. Any pre-registered student that does not attend and no substitution is available, applicable course fees will be forfeited.

For assistance with substitutions or additional students, prior to the scheduled event, please contact the I-CAR Customer Care Team.

On the day of the scheduled event, student substitutions and/or additional students may be allowed only if the following conditions are met:

  • Pre-requisite courses have been completed by additional student(s)
  • I-CAR Instructor has enough course material for additional student(s)
  • Shop has adequate equipment and supplies for additional student(s)

In the case where additional students are allowed, appropriate course fees for additional students will be applied. In the case of student substitutions and add-ons, there may be a delay in issuing course credit provided student successfully completes training.

Students arriving 30 or more minutes after scheduled training event start time may not be allowed to participate. In this case, course fees related to such student(s) will be forfeited. A new event will need to be requested for student(s) and full course fees will apply.

If no students attend the scheduled event, all applicable fees will be forfeited. A new event will need to be requested for student(s) and all applicable course fees will apply.

I-CAR Event Reschedule:

If I-CAR has to reschedule the event, I-CAR will make every attempt to contact you as soon as possible once a reschedule has been deemed necessary. If the shop is unable to reschedule, a refund of the full course fees will be provided.

Skills Validation:

Students who do not successfully pass the skills validation portion of the Hands-On Skills Development course, forfeit all associated event fees. A new event request may be submitted to retake the full course and test; all applicable fees will apply.

Payment Policy:

Payment information will be collected at the time the event is requested. Payment will be automatically processed when the event date is confirmed.

If payment is not processed successfully when the event date is confirmed, updated payment information must be provided within 5 business days of notice to pay. If payment information is not received or processed successfully within 5 days of notice to pay, the event will be cancelled, and a new event request will need to be submitted.

If an additional student(s) is added to the event between the payment collection and the scheduled event date, payment for additional student(s) must be made immediately or the additional student(s) may be unable to participate in the event.

By registering for and/or attending I-CAR training, you agree to the terms of our Hands-On Skills Development event and Privacy Policy.

For questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1.800.ICAR.USA (800.422.7872) or customercare@i-car.com.