In-Shop Knowledge Assessment Policy

Additional Training

Following the In-Shop Assessment, a shop may need to send employees to training.  Any needed ProLevel 1 live, online or virtual training for the 4 required roles and shop-level training is included in the price, provided no roster changes occur. See the “Roster Changes” section of this policy for additional details. Any additional training, desired by the shop to achieve or maintain Gold Class, OEM or DRP requirements, must be purchased separately. Subscription options are available for Gold Class shops. Payment plan options will not be available for à la carte purchases.

Payment Policies

Payment will be collected at the time the event date is confirmed.  Payment must be received within 5 business days of notice to pay. If payment is not received within 5 business days, the request will be cancelled, and a new event request must be submitted, which may result in a new event date. 
Roster Changes
If a shop has any changes to employees or employee training history:
• Prior to payment, each time the shop roster is changed (additions, removals, role changes), I-CAR will update the request to reflect current shop conditions.
• After payment, and at least 5 business days prior to the event, if roster changes generate a price lower than the original price, a credit on account will automatically be issued for use towards a future I-CAR training purchase. If roster changes generate a price higher than the original price, payment must be made within 3 business days of notice to pay and cannot be included in monthly installments.
If an employee leaves after the shop receives an assessment or scheduled training, successfully fulfilled Knowledge & Skill Areas will remain with the former employee and not the shop. If an employee leaves after the shop receives assessment or scheduled training, registrations for incomplete training will be forfeited.
Payment Options
A shop may pay in full or a payment plan will be available. Payment plans will be broken into 12 equal monthly payments.
Monthly payments will occur on the same day as the initial payment and each subsequent month until the balance is paid in full.
Shops that use the payment plan option are advised to read the privacy policies for Stripe. I-CAR will process all credit card charges through Stripe, which will store credit card information for monthly charges.
If a shop payment is declined for a scheduled monthly charge (for any reason):
  • The customer (shop) must clear up the payment by next scheduled monthly payment.
  • If payments are not up to date by next scheduled monthly payment, the full balance will be due immediately and the following actions will occur:
  • Gold Class status will not be granted, or active Gold Class status will be changed to “suspend”.  Status will be reset accordingly once balance is paid in full.
  • All successfully fulfilled Knowledge & Skills Area completions achieved by the shop’s employees will be placed on hold until full payment is received.
I-CAR will not offer any refunds after the In-Shop Knowledge Assessment is completed.

Event Policies

A quiet, private location for the assessments to be conducted is preferred. Cellular service or Wi-Fi must be available at the assessment location.
The shop is expected to provide a constant flow of technicians throughout the assessment to maximize efficiency and ensure the event is completed in the time allotted.
If any employees require a translator or interpreter, the shop will be responsible for providing one at the time of the event.
Facility Cancellation or Reschedule
If an event cancellation is necessary, I-CAR must be notified at least 5 business days in advance. If I-CAR is not notified at least 5 business days in advance, all fees will be forfeited.
If an event reschedule is necessary; I-CAR must be notified at least 5 business days in advance or the full event fee will be forfeited.
Student No Show
If a student does not show for the shop’s scheduled event, the student will not be assessed. The student will need to train through I-CAR and/or Industry Training Alliance partners to meet Knowledge & Skills Area requirements. The student will maintain access to training purchased as part of the In-Shop Knowledge Assessment event.  
I-CAR Event Reschedule
If I-CAR has to reschedule the event, I-CAR will make every attempt to contact the shop as soon as possible once a reschedule has been deemed necessary.