Pilot Class Credit Policy

This policy has been developed to address questions regarding course credit for students who participate in an I-CAR pilot class.


I-CAR® pilot classes are offered during the I-CAR course development process as a manner of collecting participant feedback on a course that is close to completion. Feedback collected during a pilot class varies by course.

A pilot class may be held in a shop, classroom environment or over the Internet.


Only participants who attend the pilot class are eligible for course credit.  Pilot classes are offered as invitation-only from I-CAR.

Participants are expected to register for a pilot class in the manner described in the pilot class invitation.

Participants must provide an I-CAR ID to receive course credit. If a participant does not have an I-CAR ID, the participant should create one here prior to the pilot class and bring his/her I-CAR ID number to the pilot class.

If a participant does not attend the scheduled pilot class, the participant forfeits course credit. The participant may register for the course after it is available to the industry, following normal I-CAR registration procedures, to earn course credit, following normal I-CAR registration, payment, and testing procedures.


To receive course credit, participants must provide feedback in a written and/or verbal format during the pilot class. Participants may be asked questions throughout the pilot class, and/or be asked to complete a questionnaire.  Often times, feedback is provided in lieu of a posttest; participants may still qualify for course credit without a posttest when one is not available at the pilot class.


Course credit will be granted to qualifying participants when a course is made available to the industry. The time from the pilot class to launch may vary from one month to over a year. I-CAR does its best to inform participants at the pilot class of the targeted availability date, but the date is not guaranteed at that time.


I-CAR reserves the right to limit participation in a pilot class based on capacity, target audience, or other factors that pertain to course development.

I-CAR reserves the right to cancel a pilot class with or without rescheduling, and will attempt to provide the most notification possible to registered participants.