Third Party Training Manager Policy

This policy has been developed to address requests to become a Third Party Training Manager (“TPTM”) to I-CAR®. The initial screening criteria in Items #1-3 have been developed to determine candidacy as a third party training manager.

  1. Potential TPTM must not be an I-CAR Employee and/or I-CAR Instructor.
  2. Potential TPTM must be a legitimate business – meaning the business is incorporated or an LLC. Legal documentation reflecting such needs to be provided to I-CAR prior to the next step in the process being taken.
  3. I-CAR receives documentation of incorporation or LLC papers and sends Third Party Training Manager Agreement template to TPTM.
  4. The Agreement must then be signed by the TPTM and Company whose training records are being accessed. The TPTM will secure both theirs and their client’s signatures and send to I-CAR for final signature.
  5. Providing all is in order, I-CAR will obtain I-CAR CEO signature on Agreement (counter-signature) and send copy of the signed Agreement and system set-up instructions to TPTM and Company.
  6. TPTM will be granted access to Company’s training records for one year from date of signed agreement.

I-CAR reserves the right to revoke the Third Party Training Manager Agreement at any time for just cause, and turn off access to the I-CAR system at any time.