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2017 ISSUE 2



In this issue, you will find:

  • Readiness Panel with Three Industry Experts
  • A look Inside I-CAR's Tech Center
  • I-CAR's Newest Vehicle/Technology Courses
  • Business Tools and Tips – Let's Get Social
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Inside I-CAR’s Tech Center

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Collision Reporter convened three leaders in the collision repair industry to bring their knowledge and unique perspectives on the readiness topic.

Kevin Burnett
Gerber Collision and Glass – Northbrook, IL

Greg Potter
Equipment and Tool Institute – Detroit, MI

Ryan Swanson
Pro Spot - Carlsbad, CA

Q1 – Readiness really means different things to different people in the industry. From your perspective, how could Tool and Equipment help a collision repair facility be ready for the next generation of vast materials, and especially a lot of the electronic systems you're starting to see on today's vehicles?

Q2 – As we head into 2018, what's the number-one action, from your perspective, that collision repair facilities, no matter big or small, really should be looking into for 2018?

Q3 – Comparing from five or ten years ago versus maybe a little bit look into the future, what are some of the differences that you think you've seen with regard to the collision repair industry and again that tooling equipment with regard to readiness?

Q4 – Readiness can also mean kind of stopping attention maybe to some things that are getting in the way of some priorities. Is there anything off the top of your head you can think of that maybe collision repair facilities can maybe pay a little bit less attention to, as they continue to get prepared for the future vehicles?

Q5 – When it comes to developing a strategy, can you offer our readers some insight into what the best strategy might be for tooling equipment as we move forward?

Q6 – It's really important to have a readiness culture. What are some things that maybe you've seen that can help the repair facilities embrace that from a cultural standpoint regarding the importance of change and being ready? How do we change those attitudes and behaviors of our staff, if they're not embracing that readiness culture?

Q7 – If you were to pick a tool, or a resource that you're familiar with that's out there today, what would you offer the shops, as far as advice on how to get into ready mode with what exists today?

Q8 – Is there something that we can learn – a lesson from the industry about readiness? Maybe something that we give too much, or maybe too little attention to? Or maybe didn't take seriously over the years? Or even more recently?

Q9 – Now, if we were to look outside the automotive industry, is there maybe an organization, or a business out there that you think that we can maybe learn some lessons from, as far as becoming best in class for readiness?

Q10 – Are there any other kind of tips that maybe you could offer the industry, as far as having a ready mindset?

Q11 – From your perspective, you think I-CAR is doing a good job of making a difference today and getting the people prepared for the future?

Q12 – What would you tell repair facilities, or somebody else in the industry, what would you tell them, if they weren't working with I-CAR already? Would you encourage them to get more aligned with I-CAR?

Q13 – Are there any final closing thoughts that you'd like to share about getting ready for the future?


Kevin Burnett
Senior Vice President
Gerber Collision and Glass – Northbrook, IL

Mr. Burnett is the Senior Vice President of Operations for Gerber Collision & Glass overseeing ten states and over 200 locations. He joined Gerber in November of 1998 as the Vice President of Information Technology. In 2000, Mr. Burnett moved into an operations role, leading production in Gerber’s largest location and became General Manager later that same year. In 2002 he moved into a Market Manager position overseeing 8 locations. He was promoted to Regional Vice President in 2006 and Senior Vice President earlier this year.

Prior to joining Gerber, Mr. Burnett was the Director of Network Services for CCC Information Services. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. Kevin lives in Northbrook with his this wife Janet and has three grown children.

Kristen Felder, CPCU, AIC, LPCS
CEO – Collision Hub
CEO – Engage Target Media

Kristen’s incredible passion for the collision repair industry has deep roots. She grew up in the family body shop performing repairs, painting and managing the shop before her senior year of high school.

She accepted a position with State Farm Insurance Companies, beginning a 14-year career in the insurance industry. Her career in insurance took her from the corporate office as a consultant to leading field operations for national catastrophe teams responding to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

Every day, her insights and experiences help her to ease the relationships between varying segments of the Collision Repair Industry. Collision Hub grew out of that desire to build relationships and interact across disciplines and encourage all parties in the industry.

She is an honors graduate of Arkansas State University with a B.S. in Public Relations and an emphasis in Crisis Communications. She has worked in Crisis Relations with Entergy Corporation and the United States Air Force.

Throughout her career Kristen has garnered numerous awards including the Hoskins Award, an Armed Forces News Service Award, commendation letter from the Pentagon, Most Influential Women in Collision Repair, Society of Collision Repair Specialist Service Award, AAIA Impact Award and SEMA Top 4 Executives Under 40 Award.

Greg Potter
Executive Manager
Equipment and Tool Institute – Detroit, MI

Greg Potter is the Executive Manager and COO of the Equipment and Tool Institute. Greg has over 33 years’ experience in the automotive service tool industry and has been a full SAE member for 20 years and currently participates in over 25 SAE and ISO Committees, served on the Board of Directors for I-CAR International from 2006-2013, and has been involved in NASTF since its inception. Greg has been active with ETI since 1995 representing several companies including OTC/Miller Special Tools, Snap-on Tools, Chief Automotive Technologies and Dearborn Group. Greg has held many positions within ETI including 3 terms on the Board of Directors, President of the ETI Board of Directors from 2004 – 2006, Technical Manager from 1994 -1997, Scan Tool Group Chairman from 2010 to present, as well as serving on various working committees. Greg has also received ETI’s highest honor, the “ETI Founders Award”, in 2010 for his outstanding contributions to the Institute. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Bachelors in Science – Electrical Engineering and an Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Dan Risley
President and Executive Director
Automotive Service Association (ASA) – North Richland Hills, TX

Dan is the current President of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). He began working in collision repair facility at an early age working for a family owned and operated body shop in Chicago. He learned how to repair cars and eventually manage day-to-day operations. Upon leaving the family business, he furthered his career in the industry by working as an automotive refinish sales and service representative for BASF and later as a project manager for CCC Information Services. He spent 8 years as the President of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists. Most recently, Risley was a Market Claims Manager for Allstate Insurance Company and was responsible for the oversight of over one billion dollars in business through the Good Hands Repair Network and Allstate’s Technical Review Team (ATRT).

Over his career, Dan has participated on several other committees and Boards in the industry such as the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG), State Farm Advisory Council, Telematics Task Force, Automotive Management Institute (AMI), Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Database Task Force, Taiwan Aftermarket Parts Task Force, National Auto Body Council (NABC) and Certified Aftermarket Parts Association (CAPA).

Ryan Swanson
Training and Development Manager
Pro Spot - Carlsbad, CA

Ryan Swanson is Pro Spot's new Training and Development Manager, bringing more than 15 years of shop experience as a Body Technician, Service Adviser , Production Manager and General Manager.  He has also served as an I-CAR Platinum Certified Instructor since 2011.

Ryan is a sports fanatic and enjoys golfing in his spare time.  He and his wife, Raylene, have one son, Jaxson.