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The Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) requires facilities to obtain and maintain the I-CAR® Gold Class® designation. The I-CAR Gold Class designation ensures that professionals are trained to have the knowledge and skills required to provide customers with efficient, safe and high-quality collision repairs.

Ford Motor Company relies on I-CAR to make certain specific training programs available to collision repair technicians, as listed below. The programs listed below are the only training programs available through I-CAR that have been reviewed and approved by Ford Motor Company.


Ford-Required Courses

Ford announced new course requirements focused on electric vehicle (EV) collision repair. A minimum of one technician per shop is required to take all of these courses as part of the Ford Certified Collision Network requirements:

The below courses may be enrolled in to get ahead of training requirements:

Hybrid, Electric, and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Service | Available now  
Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis | Available now
Understanding High Voltage Safety | Available now
Ford Service Information Navigation for Collision Repair |  Available now
Ford 2021 Mach-E and New Model Training Overview | Available now
Ford Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Components and Operation | Available now
Ford High Voltage Systems Safety | Available now
Ford Intro to HV Battery Service for Collision Repair | Available now 

A Ford Electric Vehicle (EV) Course Package is available now, which includes all 8 required courses.

Ford also recommends the following courses for those working on EV’s:
Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools
Electrical Damage Inspection
Circuit Measurements with a Digital Volt Ohm Meter

A minimum of one technician per shop is required to take each of these courses as part of the Ford Certified Collision Network requirements:

Ford Ranger Overview and Repair Considerations

Based on collision repairer feedback, Ford has updated its aluminum structural repair training provided through I-CAR.  

Therefore, a NEW, online course, Ford Aluminum Body Structural Repair, replaced the following two Ford courses offered through I-CAR. Ford and I-CAR know technician time demands are important. We are pleased to provide a more efficient, consolidated course available online now.
The 2018 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator Aluminum Body and Structural Repair, which was offered online, and the 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training live course is no longer available. I-CAR will continue to add new live courses to our training portfolio. Visit for updates on soon-to-be released courses.
Completion of Training and Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding is required for at least one technician in the shop. I-CAR requires completion of Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Theory as a prerequisite for taking this course.

Ford-Recommended Courses

Ford Collision Repair Overview | Launched 2019

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