Tesla Training


Image courtesy of Tesla.

The Tesla Approved Collision Center (TACC) program requires completion of I-CAR®’s Training and Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding and Training and Certification: Steel GMA Welding is now required for all TACC repair facilities.

Tesla requires a minimum of two technicians to be welding certified in each course for each TACC facility performing structural repairs. Each of the I-CAR Welding Certifications™ must be renewed every three years for technicians in the TACC program.

For more information on Tesla training, please contact bodyrepair@tesla.com.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program™ (PDP) is role-relevant training and provides distinct training paths in industry-recognized Knowledge Areas. To earn Gold Class Recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain training across each of the major Collision Repair Roles: