I-CAR commends SCA Appraisal Company for its commitment to PDP

Hoffman Estates, IL
September 30, 2014
I-CAR commends SCA Appraisal Company for its commitment to appraiser training. SCA’s appraiser staff and franchisees are strongly encouraged to earn the Platinum™ designation, the collision repair industry standard for training. This training initiative builds upon SCA’s commitment to consistent, quality customer service.

Appraisers who train with the I-CAR Professional Development Program™ (PDP) benefit from knowledge that enables them to contribute accurately to the claims process, improve overall efficiencies in the repair process, understand damage analysis procedures on current vehicle technology, and interact and communicate effectively with customers about vehicle repairs. Appraisers who achieve Platinum recognition are set apart from their peers and contribute to building a solid collision repair knowledge foundation within their businesses.

Shahan Yeghiazarian, SCA, Vice President Field Operations explained, "SCA is fully committed to providing quality appraisals using up-to-the-minute repair methodologies in an effort to keep our customers safe and sound. Through I-CAR training, SCA franchisees will strengthen their competitive advantage by earning the Platinum designation, which invokes the utmost commitment to professionalism in the auto collision industry."

The PDP is role-specific training that covers the key competencies identified by the Collision Repair industry as being critical to the complete, safe and quality repair of today’s vehicles. PDP training is built on the principle of role-relevant and progressive knowledge building, starting with foundational knowledge, then progressively building to more advanced principles. Once ProLevel 3 Platinum status is achieved, Appraisers then maintain knowledge through ongoing role-relevant training annually. I-CAR offers curriculum and recognition paths for both Appraisers and Collision Repair Technicians.

"I-CAR applauds SCA for encouraging its appraiser staff and franchisees to train to Platinum level," said Elise Quadrozzi, I-CAR Director, Segment Development - Insurance. "As the industry confronts the significant evolution in vehicle technologies and materials, only the businesses that build a culture of learning will be prepared to survive and thrive."