I-CAR Launches Two All-New Refinish Courses

Hoffman Estates, IL
September 22, 2014
I-CAR announced today that two new courses are available to Refinish Technicians: Refinish Materials and Application Blending (REF08e) and Color Theory, Mixing Toners, and Tinting (REF09). These courses are available now and have replaced Color Theory, Application, Tinting, and Blending (REF03).

Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum & Product Development stated, "Nearly all repairs require some level of refinishing and typically, refinish work gets noticed first by the customer. Refinish Technicians who take these courses will learn how to correctly prepare and refinish a vehicle to ensure proper overall appearance, which can help improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity through better cycle times and reduced rework."

Refinish Materials and Application Blending (REF08e) is an interactive online course, worth 2 credit hours. It is complete with demonstrations on conventional blending and reverse blending, as well as discussions on using a blending additive and a blending bed. Other key topics are material application, including sealers, basecoats and the array of clearcoats available today.

"The demonstrations and discussions throughout this course will be beneficial to Refinish Technicians when they apply their learnings in-shop," explained McFarlin.

Color Theory, Mixing Toners, and Tinting (REF09) will provide knowledge on how to evaluate color, as well as discuss if and when tinting should be done. There are several interactive classroom activities throughout the course where students can apply and reinforce knowledge learned. This Live, instructor-led course is worth 3 credit hours.

"The content found in this new Color Theory, Mixing Toners, and Tinting course can improve application and problem-solving skills," said McFarlin.

Both courses meet training requirements for Refinish Technicians, Estimators and Auto Physical Damage Appraisers in I-CAR’s Professional Development Program™ (PDP).