I-CAR Adds New Vehicle Technology & Trends Course, Updates Existing Brazing and Measuring Courses

Hoffman Estates, IL
October 05, 2015
I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, has announced its fourth quarter product launch, which includes new and updated courses designed to help technicians and repair facilities prepare for today’s rapidly evolving collision repair industry. A new version of one of I-CAR’s most popular classes takes an in-depth look at 2016’s emerging vehicle technology and trends, while two updates add important new content to I-CAR’s existing foundational MIG brazing and measuring courses.

Vehicle Technology & Trends 2016 (NEW16) shines a spotlight on the new developments that repair facilities can expect to see in 2016 and beyond. The Technical Tsunami™ facing our industry is real and NEW16, which continues the popular “New” series, covers what’s changing on the cars that will soon be arriving in collision repair facilities across the country. The live course includes interviews with OEMs as well as a detailed look at new vehicle features, materials and more. Be aware and be prepared!

Course updates include expansions to MIG Brazing Theory (BRZ01e), an online course that helps technicians fully understand the applicability and uses of MIG brazing. MIG brazing has become a required repair method for a growing number of popular vehicles, and this course prepares technicians to perform complete, safe and quality repairs when MIG brazing is one of the required attachment methods. The course now includes updated repair procedures and new and improved graphics and videos.

I-CAR has also updated Measuring (MEA01/v) to include newly refreshed vehicle examples, practice activities, graphics, animations and videos. All of this enhances the learning experience, contributing to better student learning retention and application when back on the job. The course is conveniently available in both a live classroom and virtual classroom format.

“I-CAR is committed to helping collision repair technicians and facilities stay on top of industry trends and evolving repair processes,” explained Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum & Product Development. “We are continually developing and updating our courses to reflect the mix of repair skills and knowledge that is required to produce complete, safe and quality repairs both today and tomorrow.”

All new courses and course updates are available today. For more information on these courses, visit www.i-car.com/newcourses.