I-CAR Launches Vehicle and Technology Specific Training™ Product Line and Announces a Limited Time Promotion on Honda/Acura Courses

Hoffman Estates, IL
July 25, 2016
I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, announced today the launch of its Vehicle and Technology Specific Training™ product line that conveys OEM-specific, model-specific and technology-specific knowledge designed to help the collision repair industry facilitate complete, safe and quality repairs on today’s increasingly complex vehicles. The current product lineup includes 26 of I-CAR’s highest demanded courses, classified into either vehicle or technology specific training categories. This new product line sets the stage for further build out of the portfolio, with new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses already in development.

This product line was developed with industry input in mind. The industry has told I-CAR that it seeks more vehicle and technology specific collision repair information in order to keep up-to-date on the increased usage of new materials on vehicles as well as the nuances of the 100+ new or re-designed vehicles introduced each year. The industry has demonstrated this demand. The 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training Course (FOR06) and Vehicle Technology and Trends 2016 (NEW16) are some of I-CAR’s highest demanded live courses. The online courses in the Honda/Acura series have become some of I-CAR’s highest demanded online courses.

Vehicle and Technology Specific Training is an essential component of the collision repair process. According to I-CAR CEO and President, John Van Alstyne, “You need both fundamental and vehicle-specific training to facilitate quality repairs. I-CAR’s training portfolio, which now includes over 200 courses, works synergistically to deliver the breadth and level of knowledge required to repair today’s vehicles, especially when combined with OEM repair procedures and I-CAR’s Repairability Technical Support information services.”

One of the core benefits of I-CAR’s Vehicle and Technology Specific Training is that it gives collision repair professionals access to vehicle specific information that they may not otherwise have had access to before. According to Van Alstyne, “Not all OEMs deliver vehicle specific training themselves, and when they do it’s often for the benefit of their own repair networks. I-CAR’s platform and distribution channels allow us to deliver vehicle-specific training to a broad audience, making this information broadly accessible to the industry.”

In support of the launch of Vehicle and Technology Specific Training, I-CAR is offering a limited-time promotion on Honda/Acura courses. This Honda/Acura Package includes the current lineup of Honda-developed, I-CAR-delivered courses at a discounted rate of five courses for the price of four. The Honda/Acura Package is now available for purchase at I-CAR.com/HondaPromo.

More details on the new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training product line will be announced at SEMA. For more information, visit I-CAR.com/VehicleTechnology.