Las Vegas, NV
November 08, 2019
The I-CAR® Board of Directors (Board) today announced details of its modernized Governance model, which is designed to provide a stronger, more robust and modern framework for strategically leading I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, into the future with continued relevancy and responsiveness.

The refreshed model reflects a streamlined, strategic focus that captures the dynamic framework necessary to support I-CAR as a growing and evolving not-for-profit organization that supports an industry experiencing ongoing transformation. The revised I-CAR bylaws reflecting the governance model updates were approved by 2019 I-CAR Regular Members at the November 7 Membership meeting and are effective immediately.

The updated Governance model ensures that I-CAR remains ahead of the curve in its quest to support and accelerate its critical, vision and mission-based work: to equip each and every person in the collision repair industry with the technical knowledge, skills, information and solutions necessary to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

The key enhancements are:

Board of Directors Size and Composition: The streamlined and strategic Board now  includes fewer Director seats (13-17), while retaining Inter-Industry representation and balance, with collision repair dominance (30 percent of seats) and stronger collision repair/OEM/insurer influence (75 percent of seats). The Board includes representatives from Collision Repair (4), OEMs (3), Insurance (3), Education (1), Equipment, Tool and Supply (1), Related Services (1) and optional Hybrid seats (up to 4) for requisite subject matter expertise. Further, there will no longer be an annual meeting, as all voting will now be conducted electronically.

Expanded Membership Programming: A new Associate Member program (non-voting category) has been created with automatic, no-fee membership status for Gold Class® shops, Sustaining Partners™, Platinum™ Technicians, Committee Chairs, and Career and Technical Schools. The Associate Member program will launch in early 2020. The current Regular Member program (voting category) will continue; regular membership is optional with a nominal fee for those organizations and individuals who wish to maintain a voice in I-CAR governance.

Introduction of a New Member Council: This Member Council (Council) is similar to historic I-CAR ISACs (Industry Segment Advisory Councils), and will now be a larger Inter-Industry Council. The new Council with an expanded industry/customer/voice of customer focus ensures that I-CAR continues listening closely to industry needs and feedback, and allows for gradual sunsetting of the ISAC programming.

“I-CAR was created 40 years ago by the collision repair industry to serve the industry, and if there’s one lesson we’ve learned these past four decades, it’s the need to continue leading with relevancy and responsiveness,” said Tim O’Day, I-CAR Chairman of the Board. “I’m confident this refreshed Governance model represents a stronger governance architecture that keeps pace with the increased levels of training, information and services the organization is called to deliver, amid ongoing operational initiatives we must undertake to continue supporting our important mission.”

The new Governance model reflects more than 18 months of research, design and debate, incorporating insights from Quantum Governance L3C, a national non-profit consultancy, as well as industry benchmarks of other organizations of similar size and makeup for validation.