October 08, 2019
I-CAR® is excited to announce the launch of the enhancements to its core education and recognition programs following an extensive multiyear journey to evaluate, update and augment its existing curriculum and recognition offerings. The result is an “Even Better I-CAR,” featuring enhanced courses and programs, an improved student experience, plus better and more flexible pricing options, and a series of program updates that will help ensure that repair technicians possess the right knowledge and skill level to repair cars right. These changes reflect I-CAR’s ongoing commitment to providing relevant and state-of-the-art training solutions for the collision repair industry, an industry that is adapting to rapid changes in both automotive and repair method technologies.
Click here to watch a video featuring I-CAR CEO & President John Van Alstyne that provides further details about the launch and important must-know information related to the enhanced programming.
Changes to I-CAR’s core course offerings have been implemented based on extensive feedback and recommendations from customers and other Inter-Industry subject matter experts, including collision repairers, OEMs and insurers, all of whom have embraced the program enhancements. I-CAR’s new courses are designed to address the increasing complexity of vehicle repairs resulting from the ongoing introduction of new structural materials and in-vehicle technologies.
“Our enhanced core education and recognition programs are designed to equip collision shop owners and technicians with the most advanced knowledge and tools they need to conduct complete, safe and quality repairs in the face of the ‘Technical Tsunami™’,” said Van Alstyne. “The use of new technologies, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly engineered structural materials, is quickly changing the approach to collision repair from the way technicians work with materials to the equipment and methods they must now apply. With our new course offerings, we’re utilizing technology to our advantage by incorporating significant upgrades to the myI-CAR®learning portal to streamline the training experience and enable technicians to access web-based course content on demand.”
I-CAR’s technology updates extend to its new website and myI-CAR portal interface, which launched simultaneously with all of the program enhancements. They offer visitors a more effective and efficient user experience to deliver content faster. The functionality is designed to streamline the user experience and track progress for Gold Class®planning and Platinum™ progress, as well as complete financial transactions more quickly and efficiently.
Some of the most notable core education and recognition program enhancements include:
  • More than 275 courses are now offered by I-CAR, including a portfolio of Vehicle and Technology Specific Training™ courses, new Hands-On Skills Development™ courses, Welding courses and 128 new and updated Core Curriculum™ courses delivered live (in classroom), online and virtually (instructor-led, web-based)
  • Gold Class and Platinum requirements that raise the knowledge and skills training bar
  • New training subscription that provides unlimited live, online and virtual training for technicians and all employees at Gold Class shops
  • The recertification period for welding moves from five to three years to help maintain technicians’ welding skills, and no longer requires full course completion; rather, just skill reverification; thus recertification will now feature a lower price
  • With the launch of the Even Better I-CAR, all processing fees to redeem I-CAR credit for approved Industry Training Alliance®courses have been eliminated, thanks to the Sustaining Partner™ program in which Alliance partners now participate. In addition, training record credit is automatically applied via direct data feeds from Alliance partners
“All of these enhancements and technology upgrades to our learning management system make our courses even more accessible for the collision repair community,” said Van Alstyne. “We are proud to continue elevating the training experience for our customers as we continue to address the ever-changing collision repair landscape with relevant training.”
For organizations that achieved Gold Class recognition and for individuals who achieved Platinum recognition by October 1, I-CAR is grandfathering their current recognition status and outlining a path to transition to the enhanced requirements over the next few years. Details are available at I-CARTrainToGain.com.
I-CAR recognizes the magnitude of the impact that these enhancements are having upon customers. Consequently, the organization is prepared to help all of its shops and technicians navigate the new requirements. I-CAR has also developed a wide variety of useful resources to guide and assist customers through the transition as the Inter-Industry navigates the road ahead. Customers can visit I-CARTrainToGain.com, contact their assigned I-CAR Customer Care representative or call 800.ICAR.USA (422.7872).

Founded in 1979, I-CAR is a not-for-profit education, knowledge and solutions organization designed to support the evolving needs of the Collision Repair Inter-Industry. I-CAR is focused on improving the quality, safety and efficiency of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.