Hoffman Estates, IL
September 03, 2020

The precision accuracy required in calibrating today’s advanced vehicles cannot be underestimated, with everything from fuel tank levels to extra trunk weight from a set of golf clubs influencing calibration targets and variances, explained Dan Young, CPCU, asTech Executive Vice President.

In I-CAR’s “Driving the Conversation: Scanning for ADAS” podcast, Young told Host Stacey Moellering, I-CAR Associate Vice President, Marketing & Segment Development, that identifying the right calibration equipment to reinforce precision measurements “requires focus, accuracy and a commitment to the repair procedures that are published out there.”

“It’s such precision…and it tells you where to position the [calibration] targets, and it tells you [that] you have to have a full fuel tank [to calibrate], you can’t have your golf clubs or other things in the back of the vehicle because it changes the lie of the vehicle, wheel alignments; all those things factor in,” he said.

Young added that “exacting standards” will play a huge role in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems); “I think as we move from a vehicle car base that has maybe 15% of the vehicles with full ADAS to one that’s closer to 25%, 50%, and 60% in the next 24 months…we need to make sure that after they’re damaged, that this industry’s capable of fixing them in the right way.”

He noted that precision calibrations need to be completed correctly. “Shortcuts come at a risk, and so we always caution everyone to make sure that they’re following the OEM repair procedures,” Young said.

The Scanning for ADAS podcast is one of three in a recent series of ADAS-specific conversations which can be found on I-CAR’s newly created ADAS web page. You can listen to the podcast via Apple Podcasts or Google Play.