Earn I-CAR® Credit for OEM Training Courses

July 28, 2023


Did you know that I-CAR will recognize credit for certain OEM training courses? Through I-CAR's Industry Training Alliance®, technicians can receive I-CAR credit for approved courses, eliminating the need to also take an I-CAR course with similar content, which is more efficient for both the collision repair facility and technicians.

Why We Do It

The goal of the program is to reduce redundant training and recognize the technician's accomplishments with approved partners. As of today, these partners include Jaguar Land Rover and BMW. I-CAR is actively working with additional vehicle manufacturers so that we can provide credit for additional courses. These credits can be applied towards I-CAR Gold Class® and Platinum™ recognition and role-relevant annual training requirements. This results in technicians having the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe, and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of consumers.

How It Works

After successfully completing a qualified course, the record is submitted to I-CAR by the Industry Training Alliance provider. Learners with an active I-CAR account will see their training record automatically updated at no additional cost to the learner or the learner's shop. The elimination of fees is a benefit of I-CAR's Sustaining Partner Program.

Learn more about the Industry Alliance Training program's approved courses, I-CAR equivalents, and approved providers.