OPUS IVS Joins I-CAR’s Sustaining Partner Program

February 05, 2024

Aligned to Bolster the Industry with Knowledge & Skills for Repairing Tomorrow's Vehicles

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, February 5, 2024 - Today I-CAR, the collision repair industry's standard for technical educational programming and related technical services, announced today that Opus IVS™, a provider of advanced diagnostics, programming, and live repair guidance for complex vehicles, has joined I-CAR's Sustaining Partner Program. This collaboration demonstrates Opus IVS's support for I-CAR's industry mission and dedication to empowering both mechanical and collision repair shops with cutting-edge solutions for efficient repairs.

Opus IVS's commitment to I-CAR's Sustaining Partner Program aligns perfectly with the increasing demand for advanced training and support in navigating the complexities of modern vehicle repairs. By investing in education and professional development, Opus IVS and other I-CAR Sustaining Partners are contributing to a safer and more proficient automotive repair ecosystem. Collaboration across the industry is crucial for relevant educational and technical solutions, particularly in response to the accelerating technological advancements requiring specialized knowledge and skills for proper repairs.

John Van Alstyne, CEO & President of I-CAR, underscores the relevancy of Opus IVS joining the Sustaining Partner Program, especially considering the increasing prevalence of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in new vehicles. He stresses, "The accelerating driver reliance on ADAS technology in modern vehicle makes and models heightens the importance of comprehensive training for technicians. Ensuring that collision repair professionals are well-trained on these systems is paramount to the safety of drivers and everyone sharing the road with them."

“The rapid advancement in automotive technologies such as ADAS, matrix headlights, secure gateways, OTA, and centralized zonal architecture is significantly transforming car repairs. As Opus IVS collaborates with OEMs and the industry to develop diagnostic solutions for these vehicles, our partnership with I-CAR is pivotal in supporting the preparation of technicians. With the latest education and information, they will be ready to diagnose, repair, and maintain these sophisticated systems,” says Brian Herron, CEO of Opus IVS.

Sustaining Partners, such as Opus IVS, play an important role in advancing I-CAR's vision by actively contributing to the funding of I-CAR's work, which in turn supports repair facilities and schools across the industry. Sustaining Partner support has helped I-CAR manage the impact of inflation on operational costs, and thus pricing, enabling the industry to cost effectively keep pace with the higher levels of training that technologies such as ADAS require today and tomorrow.

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About I-CAR

Founded in 1979, I-CAR is a not-for-profit education, knowledge, and solutions organization designed to support the evolving needs of the Collision Repair Inter-Industry. I-CAR, which is accredited by IACET (The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) is focused on improving the quality and safety of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of both the industry and the consumer. For more information, please visit www.i-car.com.

About Opus IVS

Opus IVS offers the modern collision shop an integrated platform of leading diagnostic and calibration solutions, anchored by expert technicians and cutting-edge, patented technology you can trust. For more information, please visit www.opusivs.com.