Sustaining Partner

Car ADAS Solutions: Your ADAS Calibration Implementation Partner

At Car ADAS our mission is to protect lives through the precise calibration of vehicle safety systems.

We enable others to successfully open and operate their Calibration Center.

We provide technology and services, from site certification, through training, proprietary management software, implementation, and unparalleled support!

Our calibration solutions enable your shop to operate its own calibration center, so that you yield the numerous benefits that performing calibrations in-house provides:

  • Quality

    Subletting your calibrations does not mitigate your liability. When you own your own calibration center, we partner with you, ensuring calibrations are performed to  OE procedural standards.

  • Severity

    Determine your own pricing structure for calibrations.

  • Gross Profit

    Subletting yields low margins. Calibration is a high margin business that generates a substantial return on investment.

  • Cycle Time

    Our electronic scheduling system, streamlined processes, invoicing system, and thorough documentation software, provides high performing cycle time.

Our turn-key solution helps you to generate significant financial returns while returning the vehicle to the customer with its ADAS systems performing as intended. It requires minimal investment in time and money. We supply the equipment and help our clients set up their facility, employee trainings, implement, quality control, and support.

Car ADAS Solutions is your implementation partner to opening your own calibration center. We are committed helping our partners establish an efficient, reliable, and profitable process for ADAS calibration and repair.

Learn more about the Car ADAS Solution and how you can own your own calibration center by visiting us at our website