Sustaining Partner

Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket. For more than 40 years, we have supplied the industry with innovative solutions, technical development, training, and customer support. We are dedicated to creating substantial value that enables our customers to improve their operations.

Complete Product Solutions

Since the release of Car-O-Liner’s very first alignment bench and mechanical measuring system in 1973, we continue to pursue excellence in collision repair equipment. Today our offering covers complete collision repair systems including measuring and diagnostic systems, vehicle data, alignment bench systems, anchoring and holding systems, welding and induction heating systems & workshop organization/inventory control systems.

All of our systems and solutions are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design.

By integrating our solutions with each other you will not only get a flexible, universal collision repair system but will also be able to support the entire vehicle repair process thereby reducing cycle times and increasing performance and profits.

Our Commitment to Training

Car-O-Liner is committed to training up-to-date repair methods because knowledge is power.

The goal of our training centers is to enhance knowledge of collision repairers, resulting in:

  • Greater productivity
  • A higher level of repair quality
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved employee motivation
  • An incentive for every participating individual

Courses focus on efficient product use, methods and processes, and contain:

  • A well-balanced mix of theory and practical exercises
  • When training large groups, we adapt the content to suit the customer’s requirements
  • The range of courses we offer can also be tailored to suit you and your company
  • Each course concludes with a written/practical test. Upon passing, participants are awarded a training certificate for Car-O-Liner Academy’s global development program.

Leading the Industry in OEM Approvals

Car-O-Liner is proud to have close partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. OEM approvals—official endorsements from original equipment manufacturers—confirm that our products/systems, service, and training have met their requirements and quality standards.

Our partnership with OEMs covers a broad spectrum:

Customer confidence

Our OEM approvals give our customers confidence by knowing that the products used to repair their vehicle meets or exceeds OEM criteria for collision repair, an important factor for success for every body shop.

Technological advances

Technological advances are achieved through the extensive testing of collision repair systems, hardware, software, and processes together with our OEM partners.

Compilation of the world’s largest vehicle specification database, Car-O-Data, allows us to make quick and accurate repairs.

Working with the Best Distributor Partners

Car-O-Liner is proud to work with the best distributors in the industry. With coverage across the US and Canada, Distributor companies provide world-class service, support, and training. Your local Distributor is there when you need them. From installation to service and training, our team has extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide you with exceptional customer service to exceed your expectations.