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The use of Glue Pull Repair (GPR) in the collision repair industry has become a necessity. Body shop owners and operators are seeing the multiple benefits of GPR when it comes to collision repair by doing less harm to autobody surfaces, protective coatings, insulation, sensors, and other critical features - ultimately increasing shop efficiency and profitability.

Less Invasive Repair Technology

KECO’s GPR system facilitates a ‘Do No Harm’ mantra by minimizing collateral damage in the process of executing a repair with significant advantages over traditional collision repair techniques. GPR does not remove e-coatings or corrosion protection applied to the panel by vehicle manufacturers. As well, the use of larger tabs result in larger contact surface area and create less material distortion versus traditional welding.

Shrinking the size of the repair results in directly proportional savings in filler, primer, and paint. Leaving the paint intact and beginning to straighten the panel with glue tabs—while utilizing knock-down tools—reduces the repair area immediately. This allows a technician to move a lot of metal quickly, then chose smaller or different shaped tabs to make additional pulls, bringing the damage to a prep-for-paint faster - driving efficiency for any shop.

Key Benefits of GPR

  • No Damage to E-coat

    Front & backside factory corrosion protection remains intact

  • Efficient Metal Flow

    Large surface area tabs & double-action allows smooth dent removal with filler-less repairs possible on smaller dings

  • Repair Area Reduction

    Repair area immediately reduces massively in size after intial pulls

  • Sustainability

    Eco-friendly cold repair process

Key Applications

  • Aluminum

    Most effective method to repair aluminum panels

  • Electric Vehicle Safe

    Repair can be carried out on powered EV

  • Structural

    Where applicable, system is capable of structural pulls

  • Cosmetic

    Key repair process for SMART & PDR

Key Features of KECO GPR Collision Systems

  • Comprehensive

    complete tab & tool offering from rough out to finish

  • Organization

    System cart set up for work cell efficiency.

  • Adaptability & Modularity

    Every car is different, and no plane is flat, KECO systems are designed to work efficiently with all damage

  • Great Process & Training

    easy to learn and a clear path to mastery


KECO facilitates dent repair training and continuous learning as well as raise awareness of all things GPR. This helps techs to enhance their work with new tools and techniques. Additionally, KECO offers training where shops can learn how to compete in an evolving business space where OEM procedures and factors can diminish the profitability of an auto body facility, collision center, route tech, or PDR shop. We're here to help YOU (the technician) do your best repairs with the most comprehensive line of GPR and PDR tools available today.

KECO Training Options

  • On-site training in the body shop working with technicians for understanding and hands-on experience
  • Training at KECO’s Oklahoma City facility where the hands-on experience comes to life
  • Virtual training is an efficient and effective way to get GPR started in a shop and support the understanding of tools and techniques

Your Passion Fuels Our Passion

At KECO, we are dedicated to serving the automotive industry. GPR is our business, and our passion is making auto collision repairs more efficient. Based in Oklahoma City, KECO’s team manufactures a broad range of innovative GPR tools, with superior quality, for the most discerning professional technicians. With over 60 years of manufacturing expertise, unrivaled post-purchase support, and in-house advanced training options, we ensure your success and stand by your pursuit of the highest quality repair for your customer.