Sustaining Partner

Protech Automotive Solutions is a leading automotive technology enabled provider in the repair industry specializing in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration and diagnostic services across varying OE makes and models offering on-site calibration stations and tools for collision repair shops, auto repair shops and dealerships, fleets and auto glass repair providers. Our solutions include:

  • ADAS calibrations
  • On-site diagnostic scanning
  • On-site and virtual support
  • Mobile diagnostic and mechanical services, where available

With a nationwide network of certified calibration stations within repair centers where we can perform an array of calibrations all at once, Protech’s certified technicians can perform static and dynamic calibrations on site. We often repeat the mantra, “Cleared is not calibrated.” Simple but powerful lessons like these are what make our approach to training technicians so unique. We at Protech believe in investing in people. Training the white-collar automotive workforce of tomorrow is the only way to keep our roads safe as vehicles become smarter. Protech is committed to making the repair of cutting-edge vehicles simple to anyone, so our roads are safer for everyone.

Protech remains committed to protecting drivers by Giving Lives The All Clear, being the calibration repair partner of choice in every community we serve. Providing our customers with complete satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it’s what drives us. Learn more at