Sherwin Williams


Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes:

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes provides high performance interior and exterior coatings, along with associated products. The company now serves a variety of customers including automotive jobber distributors, collision repair facilities, dealerships, fleet owners and refinishers, production shops, auto body builders and original equipment manufacturers.

Innovative Products & Services:

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes strives to continue innovating new products and services immersed in a culture of collaboration, training, and awareness. Our customers are our number one priority, that's why we focus on developing efficient and effective products that will reduce cycle time, eliminate waste and increase profit.

Our CC200 Dynamic Clearcoat is one of our latest products that offers superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat. With its excellent application properties, this versatile 2K urethane clearcoat is the perfect fit for the majority of collision repair work, providing simplified decision making and consistent performance for any painter and technician.

Another example of innovation is our patented Air-Dry Technology with our HP Process™ HPC15 Clearcoat. This high performance clearcoat is developed to cure in as little as 15 minutes at 75°F, eliminating the need for the bake cycle. This product is just one part of our HP Process Refinish System, which utilizes air-dry, speed primers and clearcoats that allow you to complete one to three panel repairs in 50 minutes or less. That means zero-day repairs, or not having to put a customer in a rental car for more than one day.

Customer Services & Programs:

Sherwin-Williams provides numerous customer programs from Express Scratch Repair to Advanced Business  training. The goal of our customer programs is to improve your overall shop operations and provide consistent, predictable results that meet the expectations of your valued customers. For more information, check out our comprehensive training page.

Color Excellence:

Color is the heart of our business. As a leader in color, Sherwin-Williams has established color laboratories across the world. Employing highly skilled colorists, equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation, our color laboratories create tens of thousands of new color formulas annually. Our dedication to color matching and reference is evident in our accurate color formulas. 

OEM Approvals:

To ensure consistent product features and color accuracy, Sherwin-Williams employs the highest level of quality control for the raw materials used to manufacture our refinishing products. That has results in the following OEM approvals:

Acura  Hyundai  Mazda 
Audi  Infiniti  SEAT 
Brilliance Auto  Isuzu  Skoda 
Dodge Jaguar  Subaru 
FIAT Chrysler (FCA)  Jeep  Suzuki 
Ford Motor Co. KIA  Tesla 
Geely  Land Rover  Toyota 
General Motors Lexus  Volkswagen 
Honda Motors  LIFAN Motors  Volvo