SEMA 2022

November 01-04, 2022


FREE Hands-on Welding Practice with I-CAR’s $75 MIG Welding Training, a $150 Value…Exclusive at SEMA.

Like to work on cars?  Want to know more about the latest MIG Welding Technology & Applications?  From classic cars to hot rods to current vehicles, this session is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox.

I-CAR, the leader in collision repair training since 1979, is offering daily Tuesday-Thursday sessions covering the range of Welding 101-level instruction to advanced MIG welding techniques for aluminum and standard-strength steel. 

Once you complete the class, a voucher is provided redeemable at the I-CAR welding demo area within the SEMA Collision Repair Stage #32145 space. 

Register at for MIG Welding and other I-CAR credited courses that include:

  • Initialization and Calibration of. Electronic Systems
  • Coordinate the Repair process
  • Managing Quality Control

View courses here!

Also at the SEMA Collision Repair Stage, free I-CAR, SCRS and OEM daily presentations will occur at 10 and 11:30 am; 1 and 2:30 pm. Stop by and visit.