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What is the right amount of preparation to perform collision repairs on Electric Vehicles (EVs)? It’s a question we expected you to ask because of the safety risks and very unique considerations of EV repairs, and the reason we created this resource page. Find details on our EV training portfolio here, essential to your EV education. There’s also a variety of free resources you can access here to supplement your EV knowledge, including OEM-specific and safety information compiled by our Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team, our comprehensive best practice on HV disconnection and a related webcast, as well as technical articles authored by I-CAR experts.

Electric Vehicle Resources
Electric Vehicle Courses

I-CAR has courses available now to help your shop repair EVs safely and properly.

Understanding High Voltage Safety
Understanding High Voltage Safety
Duration: 45m
Delivery: Online
Introduction to Electric Vehicles
Duration: 30m
Delivery: Online
Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis
Duration: 1h
Delivery: Online
Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis
Duration: 30m
Delivery: Online
RTS Resources

Since hybrid and electric vehicles first started becoming relevant, members of the collision repair industry have required as much knowledge as possible on these subjects. I-CAR’s Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team continues to be on the leading edge of research and education.

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I-CAR Electric Vehicle (EV) News

Stay up to date on the latest Electric Vehicle news.

I-CAR Electric Vehicle (EV) Podcasts

Listen to experts discuss Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technology.

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