January 29, 2020

As I-CAR®, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, begins implementing its enhanced Governance model, it is rolling out an enhanced membership program with expanded categories providing broader industry engagement for Gold Class® shops, Sustaining Partners™, Platinum™ technicians, committee chairs, and career and technical schools.

The enhancements offer distinct, meaningful and nimble ways I-CAR’s now 50,000+ Members can participate in the organization’s continued industry leadership amid a collision repair landscape undergoing continuous evolution. The expanded categories are the direct result of industry feedback, a key ingredient of the enhanced Governance model.

“As we endeavor to serve the evolving technical needs of the industry, we’ll continue turning to the collective wisdom, insights and perspectives inherent in the Inter-Industry,” explained John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO & President. “The enhanced Governance model, and its membership categories specifically, allows for dynamic and real-time ways to ensure that I-CAR remains ahead of the curve in its quest to support and accelerate its critical vision and mission-based work: to equip every person in the collision repair industry with the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.”

Membership Categories and Key Features Include:

Expanded Membership Programming: A new Associate Member category (non-voting) has been created with automatic, no-fee membership status for Gold Class shops, Platinum technicians, Committee Chairs, and Career and Technical Schools. The current Regular Member category (voting) continues; regular membership is optional with a nominal fee for those organizations and individuals who wish to maintain a voice in I-CAR Governance, while Sustaining Partners now receive automatic Regular Member status.

Introduction of a New Member Council: The Member Council (Council) is similar to historic I-CAR ISACs (Industry Segment Advisory Councils); while ISACs were segment focused, the Member Council will now be an Inter-Industry Council with representation from all segments of the industry I-CAR serves. The new Council with an expanded industry/customer/voice of customer focus ensures that I-CAR continues listening closely to industry needs and feedback, and allows for gradual sunsetting of the ISAC programming. The inaugural Council meeting is set for March 2020.

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