Jaguar Land Rover Joins I-CAR® Sustaining Partner Program

December 19, 2022


Participation Follows JAGUAR LAND ROVER’s Longstanding Custom Training Partnership With I-CAR

Hoffman Estates, IL.  December 15, 2022 - I-CAR®, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, today announced that Jaguar Land Rover has joined I-CAR’s Sustaining Partner™ Program, designed to fund the various initiatives that drive I-CAR’s vision that every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

I-CAR Jaguar The move builds upon Jaguar Land Rover’s longstanding training partnership with I-CAR, which provides customized training programs to Jaguar Land Rover’s Authorized Repair Network facilities throughout North America.

“Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to I-CAR’s Sustaining Partner program further reinforces the collaborative, inter-industry value and impact of the growing program which, is widely supported by a range of organizations from within the inter-industry, including OEMs, insurers, information/service providers and suppliers,” explained Nick Notte, I-CAR Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

I-CAR Sustaining Partners Since the program’s founding in 2017, I-CAR Sustaining Partners has helped fund I-CAR curriculum and student fees in career and technical schools, which have become I-CAR fixed training sites; that funding exceeds $3 million. Sustaining Partners has also funded all Industry Training Alliance™ training credit fees for individuals who train with curriculum from approved Industry.

Training Alliance partners. Collectively, this brings significant financial benefits to the industry.

“I-CAR was founded by the industry, for the industry, and we continue to experience I-CAR’s genuine dedication to strengthening the inter-industry, which is why we are proud to join the Sustaining Partner Program and make a difference,” said Paul Cooke.

“We thank Jaguar Land Rover, all of our Sustaining Partners, who are focused on the sustainability of every collision repair professional and business as we face a Technical Tsunami™, talent shortage, and growing repair complexity,” said Notte. “Jaguar Land Rover’s recent join to the Sustaining Partner program is another step towards ensuring the future of quality collision repair.”

The Sustaining Partner program provides tangible benefits to partners through access to information, course content and marketing opportunities, explained Notte. Collision repair professionals and students benefit by greater access to quality education and knowledge sources and subsequent employment opportunities and advancements. As a not-for-profit, neutral organization, I-CAR’s objective for the program is to offer a platform for like-minded organizations to address industry issues collaboratively.

A list of I-CAR Sustaining Partners can be found here.

About I-CAR:  Founded in 1979, I-CAR is a not-for-profit education, knowledge, and solutions organization designed to support the evolving needs of the Collision Repair Inter-Industry.  I-CAR is focused on improving the quality and safety of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of both the industry and the consumer.