Gold Class Policy

  The requirements for Gold Class vary by segment. Select the Gold Class recognition for your segment below to learn more:
Gold Class Collision Repair                  Gold Class Insurance 
For a business to be eligible for achieving and maintaining Gold Class, it must disclose all employees and accurately reflect job roles. 
All Collision Repair Gold Class businesses are automatically published in I-CAR®’s consumer-facing locator which is accessible at Bodyshopology™. Gold Class business information is shared with a third-party data manager. The third-party vendor stores, sorts and displays Gold Class tenure and shop information on
Businesses will need to successfully renew, on an annual basis, to be eligible to use the Gold Class designation.  The requirements for being recognized as a Gold Class business are subject to change with notice.  If for any reason, the facility no longer qualifies for Gold Class, the facility must refrain from using any Gold Class logo or Gold Class branded materials and the facility’s information will be removed from, I-CAR’s consumer-facing website and collision repair facility locator tool. Any business that is not Gold Class and represent themselves as a Gold Class recognized facility could be subject to legal action.   

Program and Gold Class Trademark Ownership

To protect and monitor the use of the Gold Class mark, I-CAR retains the rights and ownership of all program materials provided for promotion. These materials are licensed at no cost to businesses who meet the requirements of the Gold Class recognition program. All program materials, including signage, advertising, logos or other promotional materials, are the property of I-CAR and protected under the copyright and other laws of the United States and the individual states and in other countries by international treaty provisions.

If a business loses Gold Class qualification, I-CAR will notify location of such loss of qualification and request branded materials be returned/removed.  The business that has lost Gold Class qualification shall immediately cease use of all Program materials and return the “Gold Class” plaque and all other Program materials to I-CAR no later than ten (10) business days after the date of such termination and/or written notice from I-CAR. If business does not comply, additional enforcement steps will be taken, up to and including legal action.

Gold Class Collision Repair Renewal Timing Policy (effective: 2/7/2022)

To allow I-CAR time to schedule, deliver, and record post-test results for In-shop, Live and Virtual training, current Gold Class shops wishing to maintain Gold Class must follow the below policy:

Welding and Hands-On

All required welding and/or hands-on course requests must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the upcoming Gold Class renewal date to allow time for I-CAR to schedule and deliver in-shop training in time for annual Gold Class renewals.  Gold Class locations that do not submit their welding and hands-on requests at least 90 days prior to renewal, may not be eligible for any potential exception.   

Live & Virtual

All required Live and Virtual courses must be purchased, session(s) selected, and course(s) completed 60 days prior to the Gold Class renewal date to ensure post-test results are recorded prior to the upcoming Gold Class renewal date.  If a session date, prior to the Gold Class renewal, is not selected; any potential exception may not be granted.    If there are any questions regarding the above, please contact your designated customer care representative or e-mail: