August 2023 Blog Posts

Adventures on a Collision Repair Path Less Traveled

08/31/2023 by I-CAR
If there’s a limit to where Mike Lonabaugh’s collision repair skills can take him, this award-winning I-CAR instructor hasn’t found it yet. This blog follows some of his adventures down a career path that is part traditional and part less traveled, with the most amazing outlet for his talent on the silver screen (yes, we do mean Hollywood).


Your Preparation Is Key to an Optimal Welding Event

08/02/2023 by I-CAR
You’re only scheduled for welding training and certification once every three years, so we’ve prepared this blog to help you make the most of your next welding event whether it’s with I-CAR or one of our Industry Training Alliance™ partners. This training contributes to your success performing safe and proper welds, and your certification helps your collision repair facility qualify for participation in a number of vehicle maker and insurance networks.